Welcome to our breedings page, we have some of the best dogs that you would find anywhere. What’s more, our dogs are very well cared for with patience and love. Our true mission is not to breed dogs like the average breeder, but to carefully research our dogs and produce nothing but the best. The American Bully, to us us a huge passion. We want to assist in bring the breed to an entirely new level and also ensure that it sustains it’s intrigue through out the years. Feel free to contact us at any time. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, we would like to ensure that our dogs go the the finest homes. Contact us if you feel that you are a good candidate. Thanks for your patience and time.


Available For Sale As Of 2-17-2015

Beautiful Tri Puppy off of Grch Beastro. This boy is 5 Months Old.

$3,000. Please contact us for more details



9 Puppies Born June 2014SOLD OUT



ABKC Grand Champion Beastro was bred to Cloe. Puppies are here.



ABKC Grand Champion Beastro and Cleo's Puppies. Born June 2014ABKC Grand Champion Beastro and Cleo’s Puppies. Born June 2014


Contact for availability. These pups look phenomenal. Just a few picks available.


9 Puppies Born June 2014SOLD OUT


First Pick : Good Shepherd

Second Pick: Brandon–Alabama

Third Pick : Sal — New Jersey



First Pick : Good Shepherd American Bullies

Second Pick: Charles–Florida

Third Pick: Sal–New Jersey