How To Tell If Your Dog Is Really Pregnant


How To Tell When Your Dog Is Really Pregnant

Fat-Pregnant-Bulldog-puppiesI would like to say that I hope that you breed responsibly. Remember you always have the option to rescue a dog.After your dog has been bred, it can be easily confirmed via a blood test that she is actually pregnant.
After about 3o days, there should be some obvious signs that can confirm your suspicions.  But sometimes
these signs can be misleading because ever dog has experienced a heat cycle will go through a false pregnancy. If your female is not pregnant, these
sighs may not go away until after about one and a half
months or around day 50. Yes it’s true, dogs that go into heat act like they are pregnant for at least a month to a month and a half.


Let Your Vet Confirm Pregnancy
If you become impatient and do not want to wait for real visual confirmation,
after about thirty days you can take your dog for a pregnancy test. During this test blood will
be drawn and tested for confirmation.

If for some reason you are unable to take your dog in at day 30, you can wait until about day 50-55 and at that pint your vet will be able
to tell you how many puppies she will be having and how large the puppies. Some vets recommend this especially for dogs that are at high
risk for a caesarian section. Since the dogs in our community are ore frequently having C-Sections, I highly recommend this.

Other Obvious SIGNS Of Pregnancy
Pregnant-White-Bulldoghe most obvious signs of pregnancy is a swollen abdomen, which usually becomes visible after about 5 weeks. She may also have a decreased
appetite. Often, there is also a decrease in her activity. Your dog may become more needy or anxious. Panting will become more frequent
during her latter stages of pregnancy.

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