How Much To Feed Your Bully Puppy


Knowing how much to feed your puppy and when to start is important. Both over and under feeding can create health issues. For this reason i is important to pay attention to your puppy’s eating habits and portions.

Weaning Your Bully Puppy.
Puppy-Eating-KibblesAt around six weeks of age, your puppy should begin to be weaned. Introducing soft foods for your litter is the easiest way to achieve this goal.
But once your puppy is weaned, how do you know how much to feed him?  and how much you should allow him to eat in each meal.  Should you feed until he is stuffed full? Should you measure your potions?

Most vets will tell you that your puppy needs to eat a lot, but he should not be over fed. A visual inspection should serve as a common sense measuring stick as to exactly how much you should feed.
My vet once told me that when I touch my puppy, I should be able to feel it’s ribs but his ribs should not be visible.

How Often Should You Feed?
This depends on your puppies stage. Between 8 and 12 weeks old, your puppy can be fed 3 or four times daily. Of course this will be greatly dependent on what he is being fed. If for some reason you are not around
to feed him 4 times daily, simply feed him twice, dividing it’s total daily meal in two.

When your puppy reaches around 6 months old, it’s time to start reducing the amount and frequency of
his feedings. How much you feed your dog will depend on what his diet is. Always make sure that your puppy’s diet is grain free, and is high in meat protein and fats. In the case of Bulldogs, growing too fast can cause bone
and skeletal problems. It is recommended that
a large breed diet be fed to American Bully type dogs and puppies.

Be Consistent With Feeding Schedule.
Believe it or not, feeding schedule can serve as a big part of your puppy’s training. For this reason, it is beneficial to both him and you, to fed at set times and intervals. Your puppy will soon come to expect his meals in a timely manner.

In conclusion, feeding the right foods and following the feeding directions on the bag, will set you close to where you need to be.  Feed high quality kibble or raw diet and health problems would be few and far between, if any at all!

Here is a puppy feeding chart..


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