Caring For Newborn American Bully Puppies


Caring For Newborn Bully Puppies

grand- champion-Beastro-puppies-femalesOne of the most important things after your dog begins to deliver her puppies is to make sure that the puppies stay warm and dry.

Warm dry bedding is the way to go. Please do not use news paper as bedding because it is not sufficiently absorbent.
When the puppies become a bit older, newspaper bedding may be fine, but it is imperative
that newborn puppies stay warm and dry.

The Best Bedding For Newborn Puppies?

Without a doubt, towels are the best bedding for newborn puppies. They are absorbent and warm. Be careful, you would need to supervise
your liter to make sure that they stay on top of the towel and not get caught up under it somehow.

Help Your Puppies Get Quick Nutrition.

It is a natural process for newborn puppies to find their mother’s nipples. But sometimes things do not happen that way. In fact, many puppies die
from lack of nutrition because of not being able to latch on. Sometimes a runt may have a hard time suckling because it’s bigger and stronger littermates
prevents it from being fed. This is your chance to help out pup and mom. If you have any doubts
as to if a puppy is able to feed, go ahead and help them out. pop their mouths open if you have to and lace the nipple in.

Help For Extra Large Litters.

Goat-Milk-For-PuppiesIf you have a very large litter, more likely than not you will have to supplement the natural process. Goat’s milk in a baby’s bottle with a small nipple will do the trick. Before hand, you can also look into purchasing a multiple puppy nursing station.
Milk supplements can be purchased at your local grocery store or farm store.

Keeping Track Of Your Puppy’s Weight.
To make sure that your puppies are progressing, it is wise to take their birth d weight. Weigh them once in the morning and again in the evening or night.
If their weight is increasing, then you and mom are doing a great job. If there is a decrease in weight you should contact your vet as soon as possible

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