Welcome to our breedings page, we have some of the best dogs that you would find anywhere. What’s more, our dogs are very well cared for with patience and love. Our true mission is not to breed dogs like the average breeder, but to carefully research our dogs and produce nothing but the best. The American Bully, to us us a huge passion. We want to assist in bring the breed to an entirely new level and also ensure that it sustains it’s intrigue through out the years. Feel free to contact us at any time. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, we would like to ensure that our dogs go the the finest homes. Contact us if you feel that you are a good candidate. Thanks for your patience and time.

Chleo Breeding2


This is Mozambique’s 1st & very possibly only breeding that she will ever do because this little girl is practically like my child. She is being bred to ABKC Champion Tunechi who is more than worthy to be a Grand Champion but the people that own him have taken a break from the show scene. I put alot of thought into finding the perfect dog to match Mo with & Tunechi quite possibly might be my favorite American Bully I’ve ever seen he just so happens to compliment Mo perfectly.

I’m expecting good structure from this breeding but I can almost tell you for a fact the head pieces on this litter are going to be phenominal. If you have any questions the best way to contact me is email or TEXT TO 904-894-9940. It’s also my business phone so if you call & the voicemail says McDaniel’s Lawn Care you got the right number but like I say the best way to contact me is via TEXT MESSAGE

First Pick Male.. Good Shepherd American Bullies

First Pick Female.. Good Shepherd American Bullies

Second Pick Female.. Jay Rich

Third Pick Female.. Open

Second & Third Pick Males.. Open